Monday, May 16, 2011

Dyeing Done

I dyed my leather after the oiling sat in the hot sun for about and hour.  The sun gave it a nice tan.  I used water based Eco-Flo products for this project.  I started out with Coal Black and completely dyed the leather evenly using a sponge brush.  The project sat until there was no wetness to the application. I took a piece of sheep wool (trimmed short) and semi aggressively rubbed the project using horizontal and vertical stroke.  The rubbing removed any excess dye sitting on top and revealed a Polish deep burgandy hazel.  To combat this, I take some Eco Flo Antique Black Gel and with a sheep wool piece, I rub it onto the project.  I make sure that all areas are well covered.   When the gel appears to have settled in and dried a bit.  I take another piece of sheep wool and buff the project to remove any excess gel.  Once the project Satan's dried, I took my Bee Natural RTC finish and coated the entire project.  Once the finish dried I applied two coats of Master Contact Cement to the underside and lining piece selected.  When the glue was no longer shiny and wet, not pieces were joined and trimmed.  Onto the sewing and Velcro closures.

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