Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Embossing Started.......

I started to prepare the embossing section for this project.  I took the clicked out cross and removed about a 1/16" off the perimeter.  This will provide enough clearance when you wrap it with the chrome tan cover. 

I marked the under side of the chrome tan with a pen.  Once I finished marking, I applied glue on both pieces.  When the glue dries, I apply the trimmed cross (carefully) to the underside of the piece of chrome tan.  Turn it over and apply pressure evenly to make sure the two piece adhere well.

I then cut a piece of thin board for the applique backing.  When I have all the piece ready, I apply contact cement to both pieces and set them side for it to dry. 

When I adhere both piece together I am careful to make sure that the elevated piece makes first contact with the backing piece.  I then turn the applique piece over and with a modeling spoon, I work carefully going around the immediate perimeter of the cross to make sure that it make solid contact with the backing board.  Once the board makes contact around the cross, I pushed out towards the ends until I feel that contact hass been made well.

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