Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Finishing the Edges

Once I even out my edges, I initiate my edge finishing in the following manner.

I select the appropriate edger depending on the size and shape.

I sand the edges using sandpaper or grit sticks seen in the photo. If necessary, use a gum eraser to remove an sandwich glue residue.

I then dampen a section of the edge and rub Glycerin bar soap.

I take a piece of heavy canvas material or a piece of denim.  I rub some soap onto the piece before using them.  I then use the canvas  and rub the edges. What I am doing is creating heat and friction to deal the open pores left on the edges.

I take a dauber and light the tip on fire.  When it has burned out, I use a piece of paper or napkin and remove the burnt ashes.  I then select my choice of dye and apply it using the dauber.

I take a used my case an odd white sock that my dog got a hold of.  I take this cloth and rub the edges to remove any excess dye.  If necessary,  I will reapply the dye a second time.

I would than wipe the edges again with the cloth and rub it down with the soap covered piece of canvas or denim.

I the take my custom Dremel sized hardwood slicker and run the slicker over the edges.

Finally, I will mix 1 part of wax and 2 parts of resolene.  I take another prepared dauber and apply the mixture to the finished edge. (The last three steps can be repeated if necessary, but I have found that the sanding will usually make or break you.)

Note: For any special mixture, I use the little salsa cups usually found at take out restaurants.

Thanks to Marlon of the Lonestar Leathercraft Guild for this recipe.

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