Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Working on the Gusset

I make mistakes all the time even when I put a lot of thought into each step of a project.  I have make a few gussets in the past, but in the belt bag, I wanted a dyed one.  I spent days thinking how to accomplish this one.  Like should I form it, let it dry, and then dye it?  OR dye it and the form it.  Unfortunately, it had to be moisten to manipulate the gusset to work with the form that I needed.  Well, let just say that I took the long road option and when I was at the point of where it needed to be glued on.  I moisten the gusset and I thought it was golden until I handled it...........the dye ran all over my hands.................damn it!  So plan #2.........I didn't want to delay this project so I decided to go with a thin piece of chap leather.  That is what you see on the picture.  This is not over....I will prevail and conquer how to dye a piece of leather and form it for a gusset!

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