Saturday, November 19, 2011

Baseball Cap Bill Cut & Fitted

I carefully trimmed the inside of the bill to the contour of the cap.  Once the fit was perfect, I turn the cap over and marked the exterior (front) contour of the bill.  I took my new 'Buckaroo' and carefully trimmed the excess leather.  Now, I checked the final form and did any necessary trimming.  Now to complete my edge finishing and gluing the leather to the bill.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Finish Applied

Continuing with last post, I wanted to continue my test of the new products recently released by Tandy Leather Factory.   As a sealant, I chose the satin 'Professional Finish' and applied it with a scrap piece of wool.  As you can see that some of the dye did come off onto the wool piece, but it did not affect the finish color whatsoever.  The second photo shows the satin finish completely dried.  I took another piece of wool and lightly buffed the came out clean with no residue.  As for the wear and tear reliability especially on a baseball cap is yet to be determined.  I will say that I am pretty impressed and it would @certainly be a product for any level of leathercrafter, but in my opinion for anyone that has experienced dyeing me!  Thanks for following another project on this blog.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Dyeing Process

So, I have reached the dyeing process.  I wanted to dye this bill in black.  Since Tandy Leather Factory rolled out their new product under the label 'Professional Water Stain" product.  So, Dennis Guerra, manager of the Austin store was nice enough to let me take this product for a ride so I could post the results here.  Well, it worked out better than I expected for sure.  The child proof cap was a bit more difficult to maneuver.  The product can be applied by a sponge or piece of wool scrap.  The interesting thing is the suggested application process.  It does require to apply the dye by rubbing it into the leather.  As you apply the dye, it will appear as if the dye will streak due to lack of coverage......but wait a minute.......the dye actually gets better with time!

I would also recommend that you buff the leather project once the dye appears dry.  In the second picture shows the results of the buffing.  As you can tell there is very little residual on the scrap.  The project does come out a bit better and shiny when the buffing is completed.

So, I have decided to dump my Eco-Flo products (sorry) and move onto the Professional Water Stain.  Next, the Professional Satin Sealer.......stay tune!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Background Completed

I completed the tooling and the pebble background work to provide some relief for the flames.  Now on to the dyeing process.  You will want to stay tune.......I will be using the new Fenice product marketed by TLF under the Professional Waterbased Stain.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Swivel knife and Bevel Work

I cut the pattern using one of my favorite swivels.  I then bevel all of the lines in the design to show relief.  Be careful with your bevel work to make sure your beveling is smooth & constant.  Now for the minimal backgrounding work.