Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Professional Leather Punch

Here is a new toy added to my collection.   Chuck Smith Tools just put on the market an updated version for sale.  This little baby has a lever action which is controlled by a spring that will reset it after each action.  It also has a spring adjustment for spacing of holes.  This particular unit came from an owner/user.  It only came with a 3/32" blade but it adjustable for other sizes.  I am still cleaning it up, but I am excited to actually see it in action against leather.


  1. Do you like the punch machine? I think I will have one but I can't find some video how it works, so I will ask you what you think about it?!
    I made round punch hole when I made bags, can you do that on it? Or is the hole good???
    I'm not English speaker if it is not good English.

  2. Hello Emma. This machine is no longer made and is vintage. I have only seen two of them since I have been involved with leather and I own one of them. There is a machine for sale right now by Chuck Smith Tools in Calabasas, CA. Now, you understand that this machine does not make round holes. It is used for making holes for lacing. Let me know if I can be of further help. Thanks for following my blog.