Friday, January 20, 2012

Coming Soon: Knife Sheath

Here is a teaser for my loyal followers. No, it is not anything X-rated! I have this new knife coming in and it needs a new sheath, so...........I know this guy who likes working with leather.......ME! I don't want to leave this knife naked, so I will be making a horizontal belt sheath. I know that I will be tooling it because well, I like tooling, but I am considering making a second one with an inlay using some snake skin that was given to me by a good friend at DFC Studios. Stay tune!


  1. Did you ever do the sheath ? Searched but didn't find it :(

  2. It is still on the list for doing. I have some other obligations before getting to the sheath. Coming soon! In the mean time, I have been referring others to this site for making a basic sheath. Enjoy