Saturday, January 14, 2012

Creating the Inlay Object

I applied contact cement on the base leather piece. I also did the same to the bottom of the chrome tan. I allowed the cement to become tacky or when most of the shine had dulled. I carefully took the chrome tan and laid it on top of the ribbon outline. CAUTION: Be careful to control what areas come into contact with each other as they will stick and removal may cause some unnecessary results. You can use wax paper to protect your pieces from making contact while you work. I used an old Tandy plastic rubbing stick to rub across the top of the chrome tan to make sure that contact is made. I then followed the chrome tan down the ribbon and onto the leather backing (base). Make sure to follow the contour of all the ridges, valleys and flat areas. Be careful to smooth out any leather that bunches up or creates creases. The chrome tan will stretch a bit, so don't worry about tucking it with your rubbing stick or modeling spoon. You can also use your fingers at the beginning to initiate the preliminary contact. Once you smooth out all of leather and good contact has been made, you can see the finished look for your logo (see pictures). Another word of caution: please make sure that your tools are ready to be used and are free of defects. The plastic rubbing stick that I used was borrowed at the time of this project. Unknown to me (really my fault because I didn't take the time to inspect the tool) the points of the stick has hard ridges or defects probably from being improperly stored or dropped. This cause the tool to actually wear on the leather and started to remove the dye. This can be seen at the bottom of the ridges of the ribbon outline. So be aware of my mistakes.

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