Friday, January 27, 2012

Basic Hand Stitching Tutorial

I am working on a larger project and decided to post a short tutorial on how I hand stitch my projects. Now, here is my disclaimer. The following photographs depict how I hand stitch. You may find out that my techniques may be in violation of published techniques, standards or other discussed instructions. I take this from that and put together what works best for me. I usually start my projects with pre-cut holes using my stitching chisels (as seen above). In case you are wondering, these are end caps for a prototype bag that I am working on. If you follow my blog, you will see it later on. Picture #1 I usually stitch away from my body for several reasons, but I have stitched toward me as well. It just depends what is comfortable for me at the time. A project this size, I normally do not deploy my stitching horse or pony. I find it comfortable to hold it in my hand. I start from the right side because......well.....because I am right handed, but like anything else I do, I have started from the left side before. You will notice that I make sure that my incoming needle stays underneath the pending needle/thread. Picture #2 Here is a another angle showing that the needle comes in under the waiting needle/thread. Picture #3 When I completely pull the incoming needle/thread, I pull it semi tight towards my body. Repeating this set will help keep the stitching nice and uniform (take a look down the stitch line to see what I mean). This will also clear some space inside the hole for the incoming (left side) needle/thread. If you do not do this, you could end up with several problems. Example: cut thread, go through the middle of the thread already in the hole or creating knots. You will notice that my right side thread is still below the left side needle/thread. Insert the left side needle/thread making sure that the thread stays on top of the opposite side recently pulled through. Picture #4 & #5 Here is another angle as you pull through the thread from the left side. I pull the thread semi tight and towards my chest

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