Monday, January 9, 2012

Project Intermission: Revisiting an Old Project

As I transition from the last project to a new one, I find myself having to revisit another project previously discussed here. I created this multi purpose tool for myself and had so much interest that I created a few for sale. As with anything I do, I requested feedback and some of the new owners responded. So here is a simple response/project to help those that have asked. This is a simple holster that could be made that would serve a dual purpose. Storage and protection. I took some 5-6oz Veg-Tan leather to make this project. I used a 3/4" round end strap punch to make the 'U' shape at the point and used the side lines to create the lines towards the top. I cemented both piece with contact cement and allowed it to become tacky before I joined them together. I then took the flat burnishing end of this tool and ran it over the glued seams (both sides) to make sure it made good contact. I then wet the project in the sink under a small stream of water until the outside and inside were wet. I set it aside and allowed the moisture to set in throughout the leather. When it returned to its natural color, I inserted the tool (carefully). Once I found it seated well, I took my fingers and gently formed the leather around the tool. I removed the tool and gently pushed down the area where the embossing starts for the tool. This will ensure that the tool will sit tightly once dried. I allowed the tool sheath to dry overnight before proceeding. The next day, I stitched it, cut the edges evenly and burnished them completing this project

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