Monday, February 13, 2012

Starting out with Gulf Wax

This is what I found in the canning section of my local HEB grocery store. It comes in a block divided into 4 pieces approximately 1/2" thick. Before I go on, I was asked by a reader why not use the wax the way it comes packaged. As I explained to the reader, you can use whatever you feel comfortable using. Since I travel quite a bit and consider myself a traveling tooler, I like to minimize the amount of tools that I bring without sacrificing what I need. This is why I come up with ideas to have my tools perform multiple tasks. This paraffin wax cakes falls right in there with my goal. I could just take a piece of the block and move on, but with a little round cake, I have them pre-packaged and small enough to stick in a corner. Remember, these projects are just a way of sharing 'another' way of doing things. It is not the 'only' way of doing things. So, let's get to making some paraffin wax cakes!


  1. I suppose that if you had a bandsaw you could cut smaller squares out of the original blocks.

  2. Thanks for the do not need a bandsaw....I used a butcher knife to cut these blocks up for this project.