Sunday, February 19, 2012

Let's Do Some Cooking....

Go ahead and start your 250 degrees.
Take your tray with of cut up pieces of wax and place it onto of a cooking sheet. Pour a bit of warm water on the cooking sheet as a barrier for any over spill of wax to prevent a fire.
Carefully place both trays into the middle rack of the your oven. Be careful, the oven should be warm, so watch the fingers and hand. Close the oven door and keep an eye on the heating process. I placed 10 minutes on my cooking timer for me to return and make my first observation of the melting process. After the first 10 minutes, I would check it every minute or so until the liquid is clear.
At this point, this is where I differ with Ms. Cathy's process only because I was a bit impatient. Once the liquid was clear all of the way through. I carefully removed the tray and placed it onto of the oven. I then poured a bottle of my favorite beer into a glass mug and cut up some slices of cheese off the block. As I enjoyed my snack and drink, I watched the cakes go from a clear color to a white color. I check the paper cups and when it appear to be solid forming, I removed the cups from the tray. I had a piece of cardboard waiting to place them on for final curing. I completed my drink and snack and when the cakes cooled, I removed the paper wrapped around them.
After unwrapping them, I placed them into the freezer for a final step in the curing process for about 30 minutes. Oh yea, while I was at the box, I grabbed another beer and toasted another project completed!

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