Sunday, February 5, 2012

Mouse Pad Completed

I stitched the mouse pad and finished the edges. I received a question about this mouse pad and whether it would work with an optical mouse. I ran it through the paces and it worked just fine. The pad made it into an envelope and on its way to Corona, CA.


  1. Hey king,

    First off, nice work.

    And for the question of the optical mouse on leather, I've been using a scrap piece of leather for years. (one that I really don't know how old it is and kinda scared to tool with). It's nice and thick and as for use, I'm a gamer and rarely have issues (it does get dirty sometimes). Mine is also unfinished as well, which would be my biggest concern.


  2. WolfSax....Appreciate the kind words. I am not sure what your question is. Are you asking if you can tool the leather that you currently use? Without more information and a picture that might be difficult. If you are asking about cleaning solutions for your current pad? You can buy some Saddle Soap from any leather shop, horse tack shop or Tandy Leather Factory. Follow the instructions for a clean dirt free rejuvenated mouse pad. Good luck!