Friday, February 17, 2012

Preparing the Wax

We start with a cupcake metal pan and the block of paraffin wax. Do not forget the cupcake paper cups/liners. Open up your block of wax, but be mindful that you will probably not use the entire block unless you are doing a lot of stitching and lacing. What I found is the amount of wax you get out of this block it might be best to make it a party with several other crafters. You can split the cakes evenly at the end of the session.
I used 2 1/2 slices off the block of wax for this project. I took a kitchen knife (sshhh...don't tell my other half) and cut the block slices into half so that I could manage them easier as I continued to cut them down.
As I cut the pieces into small bits, I distributed them into each of the three cups as seen in the picture. I made sure to stack the bits in the center, so as it melts it will try and melt from the center outward to the edges. Be careful not to overfill for fear that it will spill onto the pan and maybe cause a fire.

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