Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Swivel Knife Decorative Cuts

A recent topic came up regarding swivel knife cuts that are sometimes found on custom projects and inside custom belts. As we bantered the discussion back and forth, I promised to post a very short tutorial on how I practice my decorative swivel knife cuts. I find that using basic swivel knife cuts are the best way to help anyone become confident and comfortable with the use of the swivel knife. So, grab a piece of veg-tan scrap leather and give it a try. As with anything, this tool requires practice, practice, practice!
To start out, I use the width of a ruler and scratch two guidelines. As you progress in your practice, you can reduce the width of your guidelines. Before you know it, you will making cuts within a 3/8" guidelines. I then proceed with simple curves with no guidelines. Some times your desired space will be different, so learn to work within the space constraints that your projects allow. If you do not feel comfortable freehand your cuts, you can always use a circle template and draw half circles in opposite directions to start.

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