Friday, March 16, 2012

It's Border Work Time!

I decided that I was going to try a double beaded border for this project, so I took the glass off the leather and allowed it to return to its natural color. I decided to stamp this project using a weave pattern using my Gomph-Hackbarth "Carlos" stamping tool. This tool resembles an hour glass shape. After laying out my lines, I used my Barry King beader blade to cut the lines. I did cheat and use a ruler for the straight lines. I stopped short of the corners and cut them free hand them after cutting the straight lines. I then beveled the lines being careful not to crush the beader that I created. After I beveled the lines and corners, I took my modeling spoon and ran it over the beader part to give it a roundness effect as its final shape.
I carefully laid out the appropriate spacing for this particular size tool and began stamping the area. A pair of wing dividers were mighty helpful during the spacing process. A slight mark gives me a reference mark where I need to place my tool as I stamp it.
If you are interested in learning how to stamp the 'Carlos' border, check out Wayne's tutorial at After completing the weaving pattern with the 'Carlos' tool, I stamped the exterior ring using a medium border tool by Hide Crafter's. On the inside border, I used my Barry King 'Seashell' tool to create the "V" shape border. I then used my 'Seashell Filler' tool to create the fill in work.
Now, onto the dyeing process. What color? What product?

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