Thursday, March 29, 2012

Making the Handle

I had to make a handle for this bag. I referred to the Al Stohlman's 'Bag' volumes for some help. I found this handle pattern to be quite simple to make. The pattern called for skiving down certain parts of the leather so it will fold a lot easier during the final construction.
After the skiving, I dyed the leather piece using the same color for the main project. Once the dye was dry, I used some RTC Sheridan Finish and sealed it. I applied some moisture to the interior of the leather handle and used my fingers to mold it to its shape. After molding the handle piece, I realized that I forgot to dye the interior of the leather so the natural color did not show through once the handle was glued together. So, I took some dye and applied it to the interior of the handle.
Here are some other angles of the molded handle.
I applied glue to the interior and wings that will hold the 'D' rings. Once the glue became tacky, I put the 'D' rings in place and folded the wings towards the inside. I then folded one side of the handle inside and then the opposite piece that I skived earlier to complete the handle. I then laid one strip of sewing right down the middle to prevent it from coming apart over time and use.

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