Monday, March 19, 2012

Mock Up Time!

Well, the stamping has been completed. I allowed the main body piece to dry overnight. Since I was going to be using a new dye product for me, I did not oil the project. I played with the leather a bit after it sat overnight and it appear pretty supple with no dry out spots.
As some of you have heard, the Tandy Leather Factory recently announced the sale of a new dye called "Professional Water Stains." I was lucky enough to see a demonstration of the product and actually had an opportunity to play with these dyes. For those of you who follow my blog may recall a baseball cap bill that I tooled and dyed black (Archived Post). The dye that was used was the Professional Water Stain in black. For this project, I decided to choose a color that would really make this project stand out and look classy. I decided on the color Bordeaux for this project. The coloring of this project will be in separate posts because I want to point out some interesting things during the dyeing process.
So, stay tune for the magic to begin~!

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