Thursday, March 22, 2012

Time for Color.....

The reason that I wanted the application of dye as a separate post was because I learned a few things with this color. The things that occurred in this project did not occur with the black. So here we go!
I took a piece of wool and applied a liberal amount of dye to the project. At first, it appeared like I totally ruined it. It came out really dark and splotchy. As I received encouragement from several other crafters with experience using this product. I continued to rub, rub and rub the dye into the leather. One of the things that I learned was that rubbing is key to this product. As you can see in the photograph above that the center was lightening up as I rubbed on the outer part of the main project. Over a short amount of time, the project will start to become lighter and tone out to almost a dull color.
Another thing that I wanted to point out with this product is that it is very sensitive. In the photograph above, you will see two obvious marks. By mistake, the top of the main body was touched with a couple of finger tips. I guess the project appeared dry to the eye. It turns out that the oils in the fingertips counteracted with the waxes and oils in the Professional Water Stain dye product. These marks were permanent.
In the photograph above, you will see the final color with a couple coats of Bees Natural RTC Sheridan Finish. I was very happy with the final color product.

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