Saturday, April 28, 2012

Adding Bling!

One request from the new owner was some form of bling. I am not a fan of total bling, but I wanted to honor her wishes while still keeping it more towards the simple side. I took the back belt piece and started to make the holes to accept the bling rivets.
In the past, I would use the rivet setter tool when using these types of attachments, but over time I've learned a simple way to install these that looks better inside a belt. After the holes where made, I turn the belt upside down and installed the bling rivet from underneath. I then added the rivet cap and used my hammer to fasten the rivet caps. What ends up happening is the cap is flat after being installed. Before you hit the rivet cap, make sure to use a rubber or thick leather piece to protect the bling from getting destroyed from the pounding.
All of the bling rivets were set in place and completed. I chose the 7mm yellow crystals for this project.
Next up......attaching the belt tips!

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