Thursday, April 19, 2012

Applying the Final Color

With a thin brush, I took my Fiebing's Black Oil Dye and carefully applied it around the carving on the 'tips' of this belt project. After I made it around both 'tips,' I took a larger brush to cover the rest of the leather.
When the 'tips' were done. I moved on to the back section of the belt. I took a wool dauber, I applied the same dye in circular motions to make sure that it entered every area to include the stamped areas.
Finally, probably one of the most important tasks when using oil dye it to rub the dyed areas with a soft cloth to make sure that you remove all residue that did not penetrate the leather. There will be quite a bit of rub off at the beginning, but lightly buff until there is little to no residue. When this is done, you are ready for the resist process coming up next!

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