Friday, April 6, 2012

Attaching the End Caps

After the lining was completed. I cut a strip where the end caps will be glued and removed the lining leather. I roughed up the area that was just cleared. I also roughed up the area of the end cap and applied two coats of cement. Once the cement was tacky, I carefully attached the end caps. I use a steel roller to make sure the end caps made good contact. I then applied 'alligator' clips to keep the end caps in place.
As I sewed the end caps, I removed the clips until the entire cap was completed. I then started sewed the entire project. Once the sewing was completed, I prepared the edges and burnished them. I applied a finishing coat to the edges including dyeing them black. This project is done!
The next project is a 3-piece belt project.

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