Sunday, April 1, 2012

Attaching the Handle

After picking out the area for the handle tabs, I roughed them up so the glue would have something to adhere to. I applied two coats of glue and attached the lower flap pressing down the leather to make sure it made good contact.
I also place a single line of stitching on the bottom flap as added security. I then applied glue to the surrounding area and laid the top flap down. Keep in mind that the upper tab is larger in size and will cover up the bottom flap. After making sure the tab was glued down, I sewed around the top tab securing the handle to the main project.
I then attached the main securing strap using the same steps as mentioned at the beginning. Note: Remember to finish any edges before you secure them to avoid leaving them unfinished especially if you cannot get to them after stitching them. A tip I learned a while back. Use a drop of glue at the end of your stitching before you pull it tight. When the glue dries it will keep the thread from coming apart easily.
Now, we can move on to the interior liner.

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