Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Geometric Piece

I laid out the two 'tips' on a flat table and used my tape measure to measure out the belt length needed. Once I had the 'tips' set up (spaced) correctly, I put some weights on them to hold them in place. I then took a measurement from where the 'tips' start to reduce into the scalloped piece on both sides. This measurement would be the length of strap that I would need for the geometric (back) piece. I laid out the stamping area minus a mimic border where the scalloped tips will be sewn on, as well as, the edge border.
Using my swivel knife, I cut the marked border free hand. Clay of Clay Miller Tools suggested an "X" pattern to be made with a basket weave for the back piece to be unique. I selected my Hidecrafter's Pro-Crafter Basket weave with a 'heart' in the center for this project. Since I knew that I would be applying crystals to the back piece, I wanted to make sure that the owner would not have a crystal dead center on the back under the pants loop. I measured the strap and located the center back and lightly marked it. This is where I started my basket weave pattern making sure that the center of 'X' would meet at this location. Using the basket weave example that Clay made for me, I laid out a few patterns to start the project off.
After the geometric pattern was completed, I took my swivel knife with a beveling knife tip and beveled the interior of the previously cut lines.
Now, onto the border. I decided to use my Barry King border tool with 'Hearts.' I tooled the border all the way around the area that I previously beveled.
The next step will be the dyeing stay tuned!

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