Monday, April 23, 2012

Resist and Antique Paste...

Once I made sure that no more black dye was being removed from the buffing. I took my Wyo-Sheen, a substitute to the old Neat-Lac sold by Sheridan Outfitters in Wyoming and applied it to my 'tips' and back piece. I made sure to rub in the product in all areas especially the carving areas.
I allowed the lacquer product to settle in and dry completely. I then took my Fiebing's Medium Brown Antique Paste and applied it to the belt 'tips' using a scrap of wool. I made sure to completely cover all areas using a 'wax on, wax off' motion. I allowed the paste to dry a bit before using another clean piece of scrap wool to lightly buff the 'tips' and remove any excess paste. There was no need to apply any other product to the 'tips' since my antique paste was already mixed with Fiebing's Tan Kote.
Next.....the installation of some bling.

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