Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Attaching the Tips

The end is near for this project. The color and bling has been added. Now, we move to attaching the belt 'tips' to the back belt piece with the geometric stamping. Using the cut outline on the back piece near the ends, I place the scalloped part of the tips and lightly marked the outline to give me a reference to prepare the leather for glue. I took my scalpel and roughed up the inside of my guideline in a checkered pattern so the leather would accept the glue. Once I completed the roughing, I applied some Master's contact cement on the back piece where the rough area is located.
I also applied a coat of contact cement to the belt 'tips' as well. When it became dry and tacky, I applied a second coat of contact cement to both pieces.
When the second coat of contact cement became tacky, I carefully joined the 'tips' to the back belt piece remembering to cover my guideline so nothing would show later on. I then used my metal roller and ran it across the top of the 'tips' and underneath the back belt piece to make sure that both pieces made good contact. I took some black thread and created my holes for hand stitching the 'tips' to the back belt piece. I took my rubber eraser to remove any residue glue around the scalloped 'tips.'
The liner will be stay tuned~!

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