Monday, May 7, 2012

The Belt Interior

After attaching the 'tips' to the back belt strap, I glued a 2oz veg-tan liner to the completed belt. Once the pieces were joined together, I used my glass burnisher to rub the interior and make sure that both pieces made good contact. I then applied some of my casing solution to the liner and allowed it to set in. Using a nice simple pattern, I carved the design on the liner using my swivel knife only.
When I finished carving the interior, I used my Barry King border swivel knife blade and cut (lightly) a border around the interior of the liner. I allowed the liner to dry a bit before I proceeded to dye the border perimeter using some Fiebing's Black Oil dye.
I applied a couple of light coats of Fiebing's Bag Kote to the project and completed my edges. This thread brings my 3-piece belt project to an end. The new owner was very pleased with the belt. I hope it brings her many years of use.
Thanks for following my blog. Stay tuned for more exciting projects!


  1. Teach me how to make this... please!

  2. It is really easy, but it takes practice. Basically, find a pattern you like and cut it with your swivel knife. Your cuts have to be really nice with a fading tail since that is all of the tooling you will be doing. As you can see in this picture, the interior that I used consist of a flower and a couple of stickers joined together in alternating waves. Give a it a try!