Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Beveling to Create the Look

Since I never tried this type of pattern before, I found it a bit challenging on where to begin. I studied the pictures of the 'basket weave' projects from my friends Facebook pages until I felt comfortable in beginning my journey. I took a smooth Craftool Beveler (small to medium size) and carefully beveled the designated corners making sure to go deep in the corners. I then took a custom leaf liner that I commissioned from Clay Miller Tools. I used this tool in the corners to create the vertical lines coming away from the corners. Again, I went deep in the corner and tipped the tool away to create shorter lines away from the corner. If I have confused you, don't worry, I confused myself, but take a look at the photograph below.
Once I completed the one side, I turned the project 180 degrees and proceeded to tool the opposite side until I completed the entire project. I allowed the project to dry and applied a light coat of neatsfoot oil to the entire project.
Here is a close up of the completed project tooled.

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