Thursday, June 21, 2012

Lady's Pink Ribbon Belt Bags

Earlier this year, I saw a request for items to auction off for a Cancer Survivor Walk in Boston, MA. The requester was a cancer survivor and was putting on the benefit. After a bit of discussion and messages, I decided to make a couple of belt bags designed for ladies. If some of you remember, I posted an inlay test piece on this blog some time back. That test piece was for this project. Let's get started! I took some 5/6 oz piece of leather to start these project bags. I had made some cardboard patterns for these bags, so I used them to trace out the parts on the leather using my custom awl. Next, I used my round knife and cut out the parts scratched out on the leather. Below, are the beginning parts for the smaller (brown) bag. Next step.....inlay of the ribbon.


  1. Interested to see your work in progress!

  2. Thanks. If you are interested in the inlay process....keep a watch. It is coming up!