Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Special Frame Mat

Sorry for the short delay. Some regular business stuff has created a hectic schedule in my household. Yes, school is out and the madness has begun. During this hiatus, I have thought about this blog and my posts a lot. I have decided to change a couple of things when it comes to my posts. Basically, the biggest change will be that I will post a picture of the final project in the first post so my readers can see what I am working up to as we move along. So, here we go. Earlier this year, some very good leather friends of mine had their very first grand-daughter. In celebration of the new birth they shared this bundle of joy with all of their friends through photographs. You could read the happiness in the words expressed after the birth of the child, so I decided to make a special gift. The photograph above is the final project after the photograph was inserted and frame was added. It is my understanding that a proud grampa displays this beauty in his workshop area. As with any normal project, I started out by casing the leather with my special mixture of solution. I backed the flesh side of my leather with some shelf paper to prevent any stretching when tooling. I took my pattern previously prepared and matched it up with the leather piece. Once I secured my pattern where I wanted it placed, I took my leather weight and centered it to prevent any movement. I used my Barry King Stylus and carefully transferred all of the lines on the pattern. I used my corked back steel ruler to draw my perimeter lines. Now, we move to the swivel knife work.

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