Friday, June 15, 2012

Tooling the Frame Mat

The tooling of this project was pretty simple and didn't require too many tools. I also decided to place a simple border around the mat using a Hide crafter tool. Around the picture oval, I used a plain medium size veiner tool. After stamping the first set of veining impressions, I stamped a second set starting them in the center of the first set. I also encountered a problem with this project that I wanted to address in case some of you readers find yourself in the same position. Due to many factors, one being delay in working on my projects they tend to sit. I re-wet my leather every time I start back to working on them. With this project, I found this streak of black underneath my Crescent mat board that I used as a backing to avoid stretching during tooling. I have never encounter this particular problem before. So to deal with this issue, I mixed up a small batch of Oxalic acid mixed with water stirred it well. When the batch was mixed well, I applied it to the dried leather that had this black mark. I allowed it to settle in and dry before I applied another coat. When the second coat dried, I did something that might seem some what odd to some of you. I took my leather frame mat and placed it in the freezer overnight. Don't mind the poultry, I have two teenagers in the home. The next day, I removed the leather and allowed it to return to room temperature. After a bit, I applied another coat of the mixture to the affected area for safety sake. I allowed the application to dry completely. The black mark disappeared and the back was finished. I kept an eye on the frame mat before it was packaged and sent to the proud grand-parents in New Mexico. Such a beautiful angel is displayed in this leather mat frame project. It was definitely my pleasure making such a gift to two great friends.

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