Sunday, July 22, 2012

Adding a Liner

I took some 2 ounce veg tan leather to use as my project liners. First, I took a hammer and pounded down the stitching on the inside to make them less obvious after applying the liner. I made sure to cut the liner a bit larger than the project shape. I then used Master's Contact Cement and applied it to both sides of each project. Once the cement was ready, I attached the project to the liner leather (carefully) until it made a good bond. I then used my glass burnisher and rubbed the liner leather in several directions to insure good contact.
In the picture above, you will see why I mentioned earlier why I was not happy with the shape of the ribbon inlay after it was glued and shaped. As you can see from the interior that it left a bit of an odd shape to the final project. Oh well. After the gluing was completed, I trimmed the excess liner leather to match the project shape. I also added a belt loop strap to the back of each bag.
Now, for the gusset and finishing this project.....

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