Friday, July 6, 2012

Creating the Inlays

Nothing goes to waste with this project. The ribbons that were cut from the bag panels were kept for the inlays.
I took a piece of white poster board slightly larger than the respective ribbons. I took each panel and marked the outline of the cut-out ribbons on the poster board. I then took the pieces left from the cut-out and glued them to the poster board making sure to stay within the outline lines. I then took my Barry King #4 edger and trimmed the top of the glued ribbon pieces. I will show you why I did this later in the blogspot.
I then cut out a piece of leather in this case Pink chrome tan for the inlay color a bit larger than the poster board. I then applied a coat of Master's Contact cement to both the piece of inlay leather and poster board with the ribbon pieces. I made sure to get cement all around the ribbon pieces. This will help in making sure the leather adheres to every piece of this part of the project. Before I move on, I make sure that the cement becomes tacky before I proceed.
This part requires a bit of caution since you are dealing with contact cement. I carefully apply leather to the poster board while still holding the leather with my other hand. Once it was positioned where I wanted it, I used my modeling spoon to make sure that the leather adheres around the ribbon pieces. Since the chrome tan has some stretch to it, I was able to work it around the leather pieces before adhering it the poster board.

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