Sunday, August 12, 2012

Custom Exotic Leather Pen

I had made one of these for my other half last year as a check pen. That one was made out of Shark hide. I was pretty neat and felt awesome to the touch. I guess someone thought the same because this year it disappeared. So, I was asked for another check pen. I had some pink Ostrich from a previous project. Since it required only a small piece, I decided to use this hide for this project. The original idea was not mind and credit needs to go to Big Papa Leather.
I cut the desired size of leather and proceeded to skive the edges especially the jointing edge paper thin. I also removed from of the flesh from the center because I felt that it was a bit thick.


  1. Nice idea. What pen blank are you using and from where?

    1. I get them locally and use one type of pen though I have done a few others over the last year or so. Check out Woodcraft online for some ideas.

  2. I have an Xacto knife I did the same way but with black sting ray. I love the feel of it. Like your pen...maybe I will go up to Woodcraft tomorrow and see what they have. An easy, fun project! Thanks for posting it!!

  3. Ms. Cathy....give it a try and let me know how it works. My scalpel blade handle, I did like Peter Main, but with elephant hide scraps molded for the handle.