Friday, August 31, 2012

Resource: Black River Laser Company

For less than $6, you can have this handy dandy pocket size leather gauge. It has come in handy for me on some projects determining the ounce size of leather. It all started out with a desire to purchase a desktop leather gauge. I had a handy poster type gauge chart, but I wanted something that I could put up to the leather. I really liked the one that the local Tandy store had which had a clock like face and pressure type gauge. The problem with this unit was the cost factor. I would not be using all of the time, but I wanted one available when the need arose. While surfing eBay, I saw the the gauge listed above offered by a relative new company called Black River Laser Company. It turns out that the company is run by a husband & wife team. Joyce Roberts is a great person to work with. Her customer service is way above par. During our conversations, Joyce was nice enough to supply me with a couple of gauges, which I sent out to some other leathercrafters for R&D. So far, the results have been extremely well. The product is top notch and even a caveman can use it. So, let me go on to show you some other products available from Black River Laser.
If you need a template to space out holes equally and in uniform, check out this BRL template.
If you have trouble getting a uniform belt tip and do not have a punch readily available. BRL sells belt tip templates in various sizes.
For those looking to make a guitar strap or more than one, BRL has a template for that. I would really like to have this template in my shop. It just looks so detailed and cool.
For those of you who make spur straps. Check this template out. How ingenious is BRL? They even made a template piece for your tooling or border area! Yeah, I know, pretty darn cool!
You make tapered belt? No problem. They have a template for that project as well.
If you do not see something that you can use, but you have an idea? Contact Joyce Roberts and you will be surprised what they can do for your shop. Another interesting template that I would like to play with is the 'fly swatter' template. I would like to thank Joyce for supporting this craft with her expertise, time, products and desire to crank out quality items. Oh yea, thanks for the permission to bring you up here on my blog. For more information go to their website, Black River Laser Company.

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