Friday, September 28, 2012

Still Designing the Cover.....

I wanted to share this photograph from the wedding. Right next to the parking lot, there was a herd of Longhorn cattle. This one was using that tree to scratch his horns. It must have had one heck of an itch! Okay, back to the photo album.
You'll notice that I drew a big 'X' on what would be the back of the album. I was just going to put my maker's mark and leave the rest blank. Kinda simple. As I thought more about it, I was thinking that the back needed a cool design like the front. The problem, I was running out of time and needed something quick.
I looked through my pattern books and found this Chan Geer floral cross that would fit in the space nicely. I also thought the general design was fitting for the occasion. Once I copied the cross design centered on the vellum, I taped and cased my leather to start the carving and stamping process. Next....embossing the rings!

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