Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Dressing the Interior & Completing the Project!

As with most of my projects, I like going the extra mile to make each one of them special. This project was no different. I decided after seeing some interior work of Mr. Bob Park from Arizona that I wanted to give it a try with this interior. (Thanks to our family at Leather Wranglers for the bio information.) I started out by dressing the corners with a simple flower center. I then started by drawing out some semi-scrolls trying to keep them evenly spaced. Nothing too over bearing, but just a touch of class!
Once I achieved a equally space design, it was all about filling in the rest of the lines or 'stickers.' After completing one side of the interior, I decided to take a break and marvel at the work that I had just completed (first time for me, mind you).
After I enjoyed my cold & fresh beverage (it was on sale), I decided to step it up a notch. Sorry, the catch phrase is registered, but you know who I am talking about. So, I decided to do some scroll work in the 'spine' area while the back cover was moisten and allowed to recover.
Here is the completed project after all of the interior was carved. Keep in mind that this liner is at 2 oz, so keeping the cutting pressure consistent and not too deep was key. Overall, I was very happy with this decision to dress the interior.
Kyle & Phylicia.....It was a pleasure making this album for you both. I hope you enjoy it, and share your special day memories. If every time you look it, it brings you a smile then I did my job right!

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