Sunday, October 14, 2012

Dyeing the Cover

I really like the Fiebing's Mahogany dye so I used it on this project. I did want a two-tone contrast though. I decided to dye the open space with the Mahogany dye and leave the carved and embossed areas un-dyed. If it sounds familiar it should because it is also known as the Sheridan Finish or process.
I then applied a a decent coat of a leather lacquer finish like 'Neat-Lac', 'Wyo-Sheen', or 'Clear-Lac.' to seal the dye and semi protect the carved areas. I allowed the finish to dry overnight before I proceeded. After allowing the finish to dry, I took some Fiebings Antique Paste and applied a liberal coat over the carved areas. I then took the excess paste off the project by wiping it with a couple of paper towels. What this does is allow some of the paste to be captured in the deep cuts and stamping areas. A light buffing with a cotton towel will deliver a beautiful polished look.
I the prepared the liner by cutting a 1-2oz piece of veg-tan. I applied contact cement over the area and placed it aside while I did the same to the inside of the project binder. When the pieces became tacky, I carefully attached both of the pieces together and used a burnisher to ensure good solid contact to include in the fold areas.

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