Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Let the Welding Begin

I took one of the plates that I prepared at the beginning of this blog post. I took the cross bar with the eye bolts and placed it on one of the plates. I carefully centered the plate and measuring it twice, I marked it with some chalk. Side Note: You will need to take a grinder to the underside of the cross bar with the eye bolts down to the metal. I also grounded a line where the chalk line were placed. This will help you as you start to weld the metal together.
Here is the Rookie move. I tried my best to weld a straight line. It didn't work, but I did my best. I made sure that the piece was weld solid no matter how ugly it looks. I guess at this point, I will keep my day job!
I ditched the weight plates showed in the photo. I prepared the cross bars by grinding them. I centered and marked the lower plate with chalk and grinded along the chalk line. Again, made every attempt to weld a straight line. I did better than the upper plate. Now, to the final assembly.

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