Saturday, October 27, 2012

Modification #3

Now, to reduce the height of this clicker for my shop. The standard height for the seal press was just over 5 feet.
I removed my posts and placed them on the table to be measured and marked. After taking some measurements of the spot where it will be housed. I had decided that my height would be 47" exactly. I measured from the bottom towards the top and made my mark. I took a metal chop saw and made sure I was on the mark before I decided to cut the post. I repeated the same for the second post. Please make sure that both posts are matched in the final cutting height.
Since I removed the upper part of the post with two equal holes for the upper brace (To be installed later). I had to replicate those four holes (two posts) after careful measurements were taken. I marked the holes with a Sharpie marker as shown above.
Using my drill, I drilled the holes and kept the drill bit leveled to follow up with the second hole beneath it.
After drilling the holes, I took a round file and smoothed out the holes to remove any burrs and shavings that would not interfere with the incoming bolt during installations.

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