Monday, October 22, 2012

New 12-ton Manual Clicker

This week's project is my new modified 12 ton clicker press purchased from Harbor Freight. Follow the posting to see how it turns out.
I went to my local Metal 4 U shop located in North Austin after I failed to find any scrap pieces that nobody wanted to give up even for a fee. I do believe I found my new hangout. The customer service was exceptional and the prices were pretty good. The dimension of these plates is 3/8" thick x 12" deep x 15" wide. I didn't expect these plates to be as heavy as they were until I had to carry them. So, I took a grinder to the edges to smooth them out, but the original cuts were not too bad. Once the plates were smooth and ready to rock, I purchased some flat black paint and sprayed the tops of the plate and edges. I also unpacked the 3 boxes that the hydralic seal press parts were delivered. At this point, I warn any potential makers to read the instructions on how this press is assembled. Most of the build will follow the instructions with a few deviations, so take your time.

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