Sunday, October 7, 2012

Forming the Rings

When the leather dust settled in and hardened overnight, I applied glue to the three designated areas where I will be gluing in a hard backing for support. In this case, I used mat board type of stiffener for these areas. This support will also be used to help shape the embossed rings......see below.
After applying the stiffeners, I turned the project right size up and began by carefully beveling around the exterior of the rings. When I was done, I continued by beveling inside the rings. I beveled until I made sure that the rings were shaped correctly and adhered to the stiffener. I also tooled the lettering and date on the front cover.
Prior to moving on, I took my wet sponge and lightly dampened the rings. After allowing the water to set in for a few minutes, I took my widest modeling spoon and carefully rounded the edges of the rings to give them a more natural look. I then moved on to the lettering on the spine and completed that tooling before I started on the back cover.

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