Thursday, November 22, 2012

And the Beveling Begins

With a medium size beveler and bevel around the rocks as shown in the directional picture. When you are done take a large figure beveler and bevel from the your previous line away from the rocks. This type of beveling will provide you a 3D effect. Note: If you choose a checkered beveler initially.......make sure to deploy the same type with your figure beveler.
As an added effect, you can take an embossing tool and raise the rocks upward from the back. Make sure to 're-wet the rock areas and allow it to penetrate the leather fibers before attempting any embossing.
Do the same beveling to the water stocks shown in the pictorial picture here. Also, cut the 3 lines to the right of the fish that will become a plant later. Don't worry!
You can also emboss the stocks with some care. If you feel a bit as I do.......Just Do !

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