Sunday, November 4, 2012

Assembling the New Clicker

I started by attaching the cross support legs to the posts. I propped the legs up against the wall since this was a one man operation.
I then assembled the lower end plate and bar. It is adjustable so it can be moved as I need it. This will hold the posts up so I could complete the rest of the assembly. It also helped that I put it where it will be stationed for use.
I added the heavy top bar and springs to the unit.
Finally, I attached the upper bar and support to complete the assembly of this project. Oh wait, I screwed something up! By now, you will see that I installed the lower support feet incorrectly. I removed them and installed them as instructed and showed in the first picture at the start of this project. To prepare this beast for production, I purchased a professional cutting board from Tandy Leather Factory so it will protect my cutting dies during use. On to the next project.........

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