Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Start Your Swivel Knives......

By now most of you have seen an animated picture that mirrors the real leather sample. I decided to post the animated picture to help my readers understand the objective of the posted step. Thanks for the feedback already received on this project. I cannot start the step with mentioned something that George Hurst taught me a long time ago. Before you deploy your swivel knife please run it (correctly) on your strop to remove any residue off the tip. If not, just imagine getting smacked by George if he catches you neglecting your knife.
Take your swivel knife and cut all of the lines you see in the pictures. DO NOT CUT THE SWIRLS OF THE WATER. Make sure not to cut intersecting lines or cut up to where two lines will meet. Once you are done, take your hair blade OR swivel knife and cut the gill stems as depicted in the examples. Make sure to keep the lines cut in accordance with the curve of the gills.

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