Friday, November 9, 2012

Transfer the Pattern

You will need your favorite stylus or pencil to transfer the pattern below. If you have any trouble or issues, please let me know. Before beginning with this step, take a good look at the color (shade) of the leather you are using. This will be important in a few minutes. Okay, let’s start by applying water or your desired casing solution. I use tap water mixed with a few drops of dish washing liquid in a spray bottle. Make sure to apply the water evenly to the entire piece of leather. At this point, you only need to apply the water to the working surface (grain side). Set the piece of leather aside and allow it to return back to its natural color (the color or shade previously observed). To make sure that the leather is well prepared for cutting, place it against your cheek to feel if the leather is cool. If so, you are ready to begin. If not, apply a bit more moisture to the grain side. Special Note: Disregard any tool marks or other impressions found in the top right hand corner that you may see in the numbered photos.

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