Sunday, December 16, 2012

Let the Embossing Start~

Turn your project over to the flesh side and re-wet the fish area. Look for the beveling ring around the fish. With your other hand, in a 'cupping' fashion, place it over the fish and protect the rest of the leather from stretching too much. With a round ball modeling tool (flesh side) start pushing up making sure to stay within the perimeter of the fish outline. Apply more force in the center of the fish then around the perimeter to avoid stretching other areas. Once you have created a 'dish' effect on the fish area. Turn it over and lightly re-bevel around the outline of the fish. It will seem a little awkward at first, but with beveling you are only trying to settle the leather flat around the fish.
Tip: With the modeling spoon, you will pushing up and also rubbing the ball spoon back and forth. Also, be careful not to rub out your tool impressions. We will be completing this project in the next posting.

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