Saturday, January 26, 2013

Lettering and Templates

Sometimes, I am asked about the lettering style that I use in my projects. In the picture shown here is recent cup sleeve that I did for a friend. Since I am particularly challenged when it comes to drawing my own letters, I have always looked for alternatives. It took a while, but I found some lettering resources that are now on my work bench.
I found these attractive lettering stencils at one of my local Hobby Lobby Stores. These packets contain upper & lower case lettering/numbers.
There are other sizes available at the store or on-line. For the price, this resource is well worth it.
In the quilting department, I found this packet of templates on clearance. Probably the best resource for me when using this template. It allows me to use the big and medium circles when creating curved lettering. Cups and bowls are also a good resource for curved designs.
These templates are also a staple on my work bench. From my good friend and leathercraft supporter Joyce at Black River Laser Company. Joyce has quite a few resource templates available for most leather crafters.
Finally, we cannot forget the old stand-by templates that any leather crafter should have available at their work bench. These are just a few templates that are on my work bench. Remember, you whatever resource you need, but I wanted to share some of the templates that I have found useful. Good luck!

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  1. Per Richard Sherer: Another place to check at Hobby Lobby is the scrap booking area for banner, border and large oval/circle templates. I have also found older books of alphabets used by engravers and other trades.