Monday, January 14, 2013

More Tip & Tricks from Sherer Saddlery

I have been following Dick Sherer after about two years into the start of leathercraft. After briefly talking with Dick, he allowed me to post some information that I found very helpful and would be of interest to my readers. First, lets start with a bit of background on the man called Richard "Dick" Sherer.
Dick Sherer has been recognized as one of the leading artists among contemporary saddlemakers. All pieces of his work are created with original artistry, the highest quality materials, and a level of craftsmanship that is only achieved through decades of dedication to an art form. Take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with his career and credentials. Dick has his hands in just about everything related to leather. From a custom saddle shop, Silversmith, teaching, author and other information outlets to include the Leather Crafters & Saddler's Journal. What I really found interesting was some information that Dick complied from his many years of experience into CDs. I purchased this information and found them really helpful. Please let me share some information that is available from Dick that he continues to expand as we speak.
From his 'Pointers' CD, Dick shares some great tips that can be used to save time and sometimes frustration. In the photograph here, you can see this great tip when using your dyes to avoid spillage onto your project that may end up ruining your hard work.
As you can see these tips get better and better. For instance, if you have several hand sewing needles laying around. Never fear, Dick shows us how he takes care of this issue by centralizing the needles into a safe location to be retrieve when the time comes.
Here is another pointer provided to us by Dick. Much like my lacing sample board, which can be found on my Facebook. Dick shows us here how he keeps samples of different button applications.
And, finally, I can share this one last pointer with you all. In this pointer, Dick shows us how to properly story your expensive and maintained hand tools to avoid damage. There are many more pointers that can be found in these CD's.
But wait, there is more....Dick is also an author of this very informational book on saddle selection. Dick uses factual information, drawings and diagrams to educate everyone from novice to a seasoned horse enthusiast on evaluating the qualities of a good saddle. This book can be found on Besides this book and as stated earlier. Dick has been providing information through his many articles written in the Leather Crafters and Saddler's Journal. Though Dick is no longer associated as a writer for the magazine, he says that he will concentrate on other avenues for sharing his information to interested parties. If you are in the market for more information related to leather or saddle making take a look at Dick's multiple sites. Sherer Custom Saddles, Inc. P.O. Box 385 Franktown, CO 80116 Studio Hours by Appointment Only 303-841-0751 Check out this page for Books & CDs. Dick's eBay site: RLS0919

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