Sunday, January 6, 2013

Tip or Trick: Safety Bevelers

I decided to start the New Year off with a simple Tip or Trick technique for Safety Bevelers. I have used these Safety Bevelers since I started in leathercraft. I have had good and bad experiences with this tool. I have increased my proficiency with this tools, but there has been some issues still. I am always looking for ways to increase the ability to work my tools. As I was looking around and found this interesting tip/trick for Safety Bevelers. This tip/trick makes so much sense now that slept on it a couple of nights.
The Tandy Leather Factory Safety Bevelers come in black paint and the C.S. Osborne Bevelers are somewhat a dull polish look.
I used my 1"x30" belt sander using 1000 grit AO for this project. I carefully started working the area above the blade area making sure to maintain the angle. In photograph here, you can see how uneven the metal is probably from the manufacturing process. Never fear, the sanding belt is here!
Continue until all the paint has been removed and the metal is even and smooth. Warning: Be careful, the metal will be hot if you use this method.
I took some green rouge and loaded my electric buffer wheel. In the pictures here, I polished the edges that I just sanded. I then took a soft cloth (old t-shirt) and hand polished the area to remove any left over rouge or metal fragments.
Here is the finish product. Of course with any project of mine, I took an extra step that I do not think the original author did on his bevelers. I also sanded a small strip on the fore front of the beveler area. I know, this space may not have needed it but on occasions the leading edge may make contact with leather and I thought that a polished edge would be good thing. Any ways, all props to the original author David Kawamura (Forth Worth, Tx) for the information.


  1. That's looks pretty cool. Have you tried it yet? Did it help?

    1. Thanks....yes and it work much better.....glides smooth. I appreciate your comment!

  2. Now where can I purchase a LEFT HAND Safety Beveler ????